Monday, September 1, 2008

NRAI School of Mass Communication

With the arrival of many new T.V channels and F.M channels, the requirements for the trained man power have increased. Keeping this in mind NRAI School of Mass Communication, based at Oshiwara, Andheri (w) is offering an intensive Mass-Media Training for 15 days. The training covers T.V news reading T.V anchoring and Radio Jockeying. The basic module covers voice modulation, voice clarity, pronunciation, diction, vocal exercise, scripting, camera facing etc. The training has been divided into the theoretical and practical session where top media personalities come to teach thoroughly. Earlier batches have seen housewives, college students, working people extra. A video demo taped and a certificate is provided to at the end of the training. Placement assistance may be provided to the successful candidate at the end of the training.
Here Rajendra Ganotra talks with the director, Mr. Prakash Ranjan Singh about the beautiful career in T.V and Radio.
Q) Please tell me about this liberalization of the airwaves?
R) In the coming years, the liberalization of the airwaves will led to a proliferation of satellite television channels increasing both communications infrastructure and demand for software. Despite the multiplicity of satellite t.v and radio channels, there still remains a great unsatisfied requirements for innovation non fiction programming and documentaries addressing issue of social concern and education. Our NRAI School of Mass Communication which is based at Oshiwara, Andheri (W) attempts to create a generation of film makers and media Professionals who are inspired to address this need.
Q) What do you teach to the students at this institute?
R) NRAI School of Mass Communication is an audio visual production house and a mass media organization. We have conducted more than 200 workshops and short term courses on T.V news reading, Radio Jockeying and Radio production. Our students can participate in various T.V programmes. In this way they not only participate in these programmes but also learn various styles of anchoring and other aspects of T.V programmes making.
Q) Please give me the details of your institute?
A) Here you will find:
Library- Books related with media.
Studio-State of the art studio with latest equipments.
Seminars- The institute conducts seminars with prestigious government and non- government agencies for the benefits for students. Discussions are organized regularly on the contemporary burning issues to keep the thing process alive. These Seminars and Workshops are often presided over by eminent professionals, academicians and literatures. The institute provides and demonstrates live interaction for its students with the eminent professionals.
Q) How students are getting benefits from this course?
A) The students are encouraged to express their views in various programmes. The medium of instruction is both Hindi and English. The students are benefited to see the world through the lens and express their views and opinions through the mighty power of sessions. The academic session starts every Saturday.
Q) How far your dream of a State of the art institute is fulfilled?
A) My dream of a state of the art institute comes real as I wish to share my decade long experience in T.V media with the future potential media aspirants. To develop the skills of our students, I have introduced a wall magazine, in-house newspaper and a theatre society. We will be starting up with our own T.V production house very soon.
Q) What is the message to the students?
A) I believe in freedom of opinion, freedom of belief and freedom of dreaming beyond the horizon. I strongly believe in media industry relationship. And I expect this from my students too. This is my message to all the young students.

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