Monday, September 1, 2008

'Dev Anand' Chargesheet is ready to roll

'Dev Anand' Chargesheet is ready to roll
The evergreen Dev Ananad's Chargesheet is ready to role. The charming veteran actor film-maker started shooting for his suspense thriller for which he's done enough research by visiting police stations.They will shoot non-stop for two weeks in Mumbai after which they will go to Panchgani. Now he is back to films, a passion that he says can consume him totally. Dev Saab is playing a retired senior cop in CHARGESHEET. There is also Jackie Shroff in the film and four newcomers. he says, "I am only film-maker who has the guts to cast newcomers. Show me anybody else who is willing to take a chance. But the industry needs new faces. How long will the old stars alone meet producers and audience's expectations? Besides, I read top stars today charge such huge money. I would rather put the money in making the film, in the music and promotions.
Dev Anand's banner has made 36 motion pictures over the years. He says," People are going to compare your present work with your best. I am ready for that. Dev Saab, perhaps, is the only man who's ventured into making films and acting in them at his age. A fact he is well aware of it.My stress is full of excitement! When I set out to make a film,it's a new idea.
Nazeem Khan is a young, tall and talented actor from New Delhi. He has acted in "Jai Santosi Maa part Two" and has done lots of ads. Initially he was involved with theatre and also had privilege of learning western dance and he realized he is fit for showbiz. His father is in Delhi Police department and initially it was not easy to convince his parents as he had decided to come to the city of dreams i.e Mumbai. His happiest moment in life is when he got selected for the movie Charge sheet as it was dream cum true for him.
by Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

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