Monday, September 1, 2008

Gavie Chahal-The new star of Indian Film Industry

Gavie Chahal's real name is Navdeepak Singh Chahal. He arrived in Mumbai three years ago.After a brief stint in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Gavie returned to Punjab to try his luck in Punjabi films. He took up" Mohe Rang De" because it promised to be a clutter breaker. A self –confessed "hot -blooded guy who loves action scenes," Gavie was to shoot his introduction scene in a two-seater aircraft which didn't materialize. The actor is nervous about scenes it which he barely has lines. His car rammed into co-star Prabhleen during one sequence.
Gavie says that since it was a vintage car ,it took a while to brake it to a halt. Prabhleen's leg was injured. Did she scold him? "Marna hai usko mujhe daant ke?" ho mocks-growls.
Tell me, can an actor be as shy as you are? He says," Ha, yeah I'm shy but I've done pretty well by being shy so far. Which role are you most ease with actor of tv of big screen? He says, "I'm mixture .To be an actor is to opt for easiest way of life.It's super-comfortable. Whom do you depend upon the most? He say," My family which has stood by me." Lastly what do you think about music reality show? He says, "I am very happy about them because our audiences have doubled. People like to watch such shows because they want to see two artistes fighting. These shows have good singers too but they never win. From Indian Idol onwards, everyone came to know how voting can be manipulated. He says, "I have got many offers for big screen and ready to sign few movies too".
By Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

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