Monday, September 1, 2008

Jean Claude Biguine Spa and Saloon Bandra, Mumbai

Mumbai, Saturday, August 30, 2008: Equipped with an impeccable recipe for a fine evening, Jean- Claude Beguine- House of Beauty jointly with Prahlad Kakkar celebrates the essence of Beauty with healthy food menu, wine and indulgence in spa.
The special evening for the champagne set of the city provided an exotic Biguine pamper yourself experience with quick foot and hand massages and head-toe consultation. To ad on to the spirit of the event, the guests were served exclusively crafted macrobiotic cuisine at the spacious lounge of Salon and Spa.
Shonaalii Sabherwal, the only Health Counselor, Chef, Instructor in India, introduced Macrobiotics- the natural,simple approach to good health. While talking about the advantages of the food, she said," This kind of dietary practice provides a variety and choice to prepare healthful,delicious food to suit your requirements, needs and goals. It also serves to maintain physical and physiological well-being which in turn helps in preventing many common ailments and chronic conditions.
The guests were also trated to an evening of fine wines and light music in a true French ambiance of low seating amidst the greens to unwind.
About Jean-Claude Biguine is one of the leading figures in the French beauty industry, founded the Jean-Claude Biguine Group. Since launching the first beauty salon in1982. Mr Biguine has been the driving force behind the Group's evolution into one of the world's leading salon chains.
Today, jean- Claude Biguine is a $150 million global hair and beauty salon chain established in 1982 and headquartered in France. It is one of the leading beauty salon chains in the world, which is reflected not only with their dominance in France, but also in the clientele and models of Jean-Claude Biguine, which includes several international celebrities.
Inspired by the International fashion trends, jean Claud Biguine releases its exclusive fashion collections twice a year. These collections are designed by Jean-Claude Biguine himself along with his creative team in Paris to bring out every season's originality and freshness in fashion. This collection is designed for women, men and kids as well because Jean-Claude Biguine beauty is for everybody. From hair styling to spa treatments and from body therapy to wraps Jean-Claude Biguine offers quality, contemporary and innovative technique to create a more beautiful "YOU"
by Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

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