Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dashing and Daring - Piyush Sahdev

Piyush Sahdev is usually lucky in life.He is the centre of every group's attention. He is versatile, to the extent of sometimes being puzzled as to what form of expression his talents should take.He has a strong desire for peace and harmony and become sensitive to anything of a deliberately discordant nature. He is naturally courteous and desirous of being on good terms with other people, but he will always need to maintain a proper independent spirit .He is confident about his ability.He is self-reliant and take his own decisions.He likes to observe form,order and law.His passions are healthy,spontaneous and without inhibitions.He is free in his expressions.He also takes an active interest in sports and outdoor activities. He is tremendous enthusiasm and is not self-centered. His intellect is of a very high quality.He has a kind of vision that understands the world and love it for what it is, and not for what it ought to be. He is tolerant,humorous and truthful.He has a broad mind and entirely lack malice .
Right now Piyush Sahdev is working in three t.v serials one for dd1 and two serials for zee t.v but he wants to join Bollywood very soon.He has been approched by many Producers and directors of Bollywood . About his role in "Bhikhri aas aur nikhery preet" ,he says he is satisfied with his role and wants to have a break in his role.He wants to concentrate on big screen. He is ready to do anti-hero role too.
Authority and honors are the significant aspects of his life.He has vanity and are proud, ambitious and asp rings. He is fond of pleasures and is attracted to the opposite sex. He likes to sacrifice for others.He has lofty ideals and his relations with others are smooth and harmonious.

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