Monday, September 29, 2008

Misuse of journalism & Misrepresentation of facts to gain TRP's and Circulation

I would like to mention that the news in Mid Day and Zee Marathi was manipulated to make it crispy on
saturday ,sept.27th ,2008 about Hema Malini's travel by train.

I was physically traveling with her and managing Hema Ji's visit ,the event was co ordinated by page3entertainment
and was for savarkar vichar manch,while traveling back from pandarpur Hemaji preferred not to travel by road
rather by train since there is no air travel services available,so client was requested to arrange for train travel which he
surely did ,since it was a last minute decision ,so tickets were practically and physically with the client
and when we boarded the train ,he was in the other compartment and he forgot to handover the tickets to us
or you can say we didnt take a note of collecting the tickets, as soon as train started moving we realised
and called him to co ordinate the tickets to be faxed thru the station master to TTE and same was done in
a matter of 20 mins of train travel start and co ordinated and necessary penalty was paid too,we have the receipt for the same
with date and time.

when we boarded the train one young man wanted to be clicked with hema ji
we refused and he started using his handycam ,we didnt realise that it was switched on , the moment
we realised it was , we confronted him and stopped him to do so and even scolded him for that.
this guy has used same footage in Zee Marathi news and the news broadcast is an entire misrepresentation
of what has happened ,we would like that a strong action be taken against him for this
misuse of journalism,we have tickets and their time of purchase and same can be substantiated
the idea is not to prove anything but to stop the misuse and distortion of facts around a celebrity
just to gain mileage or trps,we are considering suing the respective media vehicles.


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