Wednesday, October 1, 2008

GOLDIE BEHL (Director's Note)

DRONA started for me, as an attempt to define and understand legacy. As I became a parent, my world expanded to include newer emotions, fresher feelings. Watching my sons, interacting with them, even opened up newer bonds with my father. I knew then, that I had to tell a tale dealing with legacy, a responsibility that is passed on from generations, and is taken on with pride and never questioned. On 11th of August at midnight, Abhishek came to the hospital to see my new born, Ranveer. I discussed my idea with him and he got on board immediately. The film was to be a magical adventure, a timeless tale of good against evil, of a man rising to fulfill his destiny and be true to what he was born to be.... abhishek’s enthusiasm and conviction gave me the impetus to write a full fledged script, and slowly Drona came to life. After completing the story, I worked jointly with rohini and jaydeep on the screenplay to arrivie at the desired structure and texture that I wanted for my fantasy adventure , we arrived in the world of Drona, a world where amar chitra katha meets frank miller. We were slowly creating our very own legend. Abhishek had inspired Drona, but now, Drona was coming alive in Abhishek. His inputs were invaluable in fleshing out this grim but innocent hero, his stance, his gait, heavy with the burden he was bearing, speaking very little, with the cynical smile of someone who has grown up in a small span of time. Abhishek and I worked backwards on the charachter, even to the details of the weight of the characteristic “Drona punch”.

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