Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ramdevji maharaj came specially from Haridwar for the award function organised by The Indian Vegetarian Congress .The event started on time as Ramdevji came on time.Entire auditorium was full.The event was at NCPA,narimon point.Aditi Govitrikar came early.Sunil Pal was the last to come for the event.Everyone related to vegetarianism came for the event and took blessings from Ramdevji maharaj.Ramdevji maharaj gave the awards and told everyone that vegetarians are soft and simple people and they live more than non vegetarians.Everyone was asked to put their mobiles on sielent mode for the function.DR.Rangaswamu Velu (minister of railway),Hemant Shah(chairman of Akruti Constructions) also came for the event.
by IB correspondent mumbai

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