Friday, October 3, 2008

Sanjay Nirupam starts Blogging

After being a Member of Parliament for 10 years Sanjay Nirupam is now taking a step to reach out a large spectrum of populace. Now the Spokesperson of MPCC [ Maharasthra Pradesh Congress Committee] Sanjay Nirupam himself was a journalist and Executive Editor of a leading Hindi newspaper before entering Politics.

As a part of his professional and personal concern of serving people he has started a blog. He plans to use the blog as a place to interact with anybody who has issues, grievances, feedback, ideas or for that matter any opinion.

He wishes to interact with the youth who are net savvy as he sees the future in them. Hence he has also joined various social networking sites where youngsters are very active.

In his first post he states that the reason to be a part of Big Boss[Reality Show on Colors] was also the same. He wanted to place himself as a politician with an open mind and wanted to break the stereotyped image people have in mind about politicians.
The sole purpose of his starting the blog is to make him accessible to as many people as he can.

Known for doing things at big scale like various events and social work where thousands of people benefit at a time, a blog is one more way in which he wants to help people.

Hence the Blog opening is Miles to Go Before I Rest.
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