Thursday, September 11, 2008


Generation-y kids are being targeted by most of the Animation Filmmakers till date. But here is something for the adults also along with the kids. Sounds interesting!!! We are talking about India's first 3D animation movie "Rega Rezza".
"Rega Rezza" is a 3D animation film in the genre of space- fiction. The film is designed and directed by Aashu Patel and produced by Fire Films & Media Pvt. Ltd. Three media professionals- Sanjay Saagar, Sanjay Trivedi and Aashu Patel from different fields teamed together to discover the new Planet "Rega Rezza"."We came up with this unique idea which led to the launch of the new-age virtual film stars. Previously we were planning to sign leading film stars and approached few stars for their face and voice. But we decided to use our own virtual stars in our first film", says Sanjay Saagar, chairman of Fire Films & Media Pvt. Ltd. "We will launch our virtual stars through a grand function" adds Sanjay Saagar.
The makers are leaving no stone unturned to use as much authentic information possible in this science fiction and for this they have roped in J.J. Rawal, founder and former director of Nehru Planetarium and President of Indian Planetary Society as a special advisor. The film unfolds on three different planets including the one created by the maker.
The quality of VFX and the animation of "Rega Rezza" is as per with Hollywood standards, which all done at the Fire Films & Media's High End Studio. There is no need to travel all the way to LA to get animation done in future.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLZZ CONTACT:-SANJAY SAAGAR: CHAIRMAN OF FIRE FILMS & MEDIA PVT. LTD.
by Rajendra Ganotra mumbai

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