Monday, September 8, 2008

Jeena to hai... Its Hollywood movie for Bollywood

[Rating ** ]
Its Rock Production Ltd by N.R.I. Ravi Chettiah and Franca Battista (U.K). The stars of the movie are Rishabh Takoo, Roushika Reikhi, Ricky, Needhi Gill, Ravi Chettiah, Ricky and Shebaaz khan.The story starts with an Indian girl Needhi Gill sudenly appears at the door step of a guy whom she has been harassing for a while and after a breif chat they decide to go for a meal. Then like a bomb she drops the news that she is the sister of his friend Pankaj, a friend from University. Amazed and confused Rishabh Takoo starts to ask more questions. Needhi Gill tells the bad news about what happened to her brother, Pankaj in India, who has been kidnapped by gangsters, who want a heavy ransom or else they will kill him. With tears and sadness in Needhi gill's eyes, she manages to get Rishabh to understand but the ransom is such a large amount that they need more help. They then have to track down all the lost friends on the last day of University, that who ever may be in trouble really begins. Ravi Chettiah who is living a cool life style and Roushika Reikhi, working at the Indian Embasy finally meet and decide they should help.The music by Uttsava Anand is excellent. Roushika Reikhi performed her role very well and she deserves the best role in her career. Rishabh Takoo, a model turned actor is also promising actor and his future is very much bright. Needhi Gill and Ravi Chettiah did their job very well.
By Rajendra Ganotra IB mumbai

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jane said...

veri nice action movie well done...nice songs,my favorite one is jaise chaaha waise jiya